The food and wine excellences

A journey through the flavors of our Food Valley

Did you know that Emilia Romagna holds the European record with 44 DOP / IGP excellences?

Our land has always been the undisputed homeland of the most authentic cuisine, simple and rough at the same time, the result of popular wisdom, the indefatigable arms of the peasants and the precious mastery of the Arzdore, attentive and passionate guardians of gastronomic traditions.


If you say Romagna, the first thing you think about is certainly the IGP Piadina, tasted and appreciated all over the world. The Cesenate one is higher and thicker, the Rimini one is thinner and more flexible, it is prepared with very few ingredients: flour, water, salt, a pinch of yeast, extra virgin olive oil or alternatively lard, as the original recipe requires. As Giovanni Pascoli said, piadina is «the bread, indeed the national food of the Romagnoli people».


An honorable mention also for the more classic filling of the piadina, that is the exquisite squacquerone di Romagna DOP, often accompanied by rocket and Parma ham DOP, or enjoyed with caramelized figs. Alternatively, the stuffing with grilled saraghina, radicchio and onion lightly stewed in vinegar is also very popular: a poor dish, but full of flavors!

Another dairy excellence, our cheese Formaggio di Fossa DOP, historically produced in Sogliano al Rubicone (FC) and Talamello (RN), is aged for several months in oval-shaped pits, dug into the rock or tuff.

The "cassone" is born directly from the piadina, stuffed and closed in a crescent shape, inside which we traditionally find a fillet of wild herbs, rosole, or tomato and mozzarella.


Speaking of condiments, we mention the extra virgin olive oil DOP of Brisighella (RA) and the Salt of Cervia, rich in trace elements and with a characteristic sweet taste.

Moving on to first courses, egg pasta rolled by hand with a rolling pin is the star: the classic Romagna first course par excellence are undoubtedly the Cappelletti in capon broth, stuffed with cheese, lemon zest and nutmeg. And then tagliatelle with meat sauce, strozzapreti, spaghetti with clams, passatelli in broth .... A sea of ​​flavors, an unmissable culinary experience.


And then the tasty salami of Mora romagnola, the native breed of pigs with a characteristic black color, reared in the wild in a slow way; stewed sea snails, grilled sardines, roasts ...

Other noteworthy excellences are the IGP Shallot and IGP Nectarine Peach.


To accompany this journey into flavors, Sangiovese di Romagna DOC, Pignoletto di Romagna IGT and Albana di Romagna DOCG cannot be missing.

At the end of the meal, the inevitable protagonist is undoubtedly the "Ciambella Romagnola", with its classic elongated shape and surface covered with sugars. What about the Bombolone? With its filling of cream or chocolate in very generous doses, and the delicious frying, it really gives an explosion of taste! Of peasant origin there are also the bustrengo, a soft cake typical of the winter period, and the cantarelle, sweet pancakes celebrated in the homonymous festival which takes place at the end of summer in Gatteo Mare.